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C&R Ammo Order from Palmetto State


New member
Anyone order ammo from palmetto state armory with c&r and COE?
It looks like they changed their process so you have to select a FFL or else you can’t check out. I’ve sent in my documents but haven’t received any helpful response in over a week.
The previous process was just checking out and then they would send you and email to provide FFL information that you could reply to with your c&r, COE, and drivers license.

I’m stuck.
I'm waiting for a response as well. Tomorrow I'll send yet another email to their support team asking why they take so long to respond.

I wanted to grab some of their new 7.62x39... oh well.
That really sucks. If that’s true I wish they would outright tell me instead of the silent treatment and also update their website with that information.
They don’t really support the CA gun industry from what I’ve gathered. I personally buy pretty much most of my ammo from Velocity Ammo.

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