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Event GSSF Indoor League @ LAX Firing Range (06/29, 07/27, & 08/24)

Great match today at LAX Firing Range (I didn’t see Crispy, so he must have slept in).

I shot five divisions and managed two perfect scores (my first time achieving those at a match, previously I had only pulled them off in practice, so quite the personal achievement).

Stock (G24): 485 (30X) *FTF
MOS (G23/45): 494 (33X)
Unlimited (G17): 500 (36X)
Rimfire (G44): 491 (36X) *FTF
Pocket (G43): 250 (22X)

I was pretty consistent across the board with the exception of some malfunctions that got me a little rattled. I guess it’s time to clean the guns.


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