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KW DEFENSE in STOCKTON tried to Scam someone yesterday via the 11% TAX


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Me and my wife went to KW Defense in Stockton California yesterday. We noticed this short older lady come in in the middle of the rush yesterday at the store. She just stood there quietly and waited her turn.

We didn't exactly keep track of her because she's small and we were busy doing our own things, bs-ing with the employees and just having a good time. However we noticed nobody helped her. Now dont get me wrong this isnt a rant about customer service but about dishonesty from the Store owner. He helped the woman last but by the time they got to her (she had waited an hour) it was closing time. They were still helping me and my wife but she was told they couldnt do the DROS tgar day to help her avoid the Sin Tax and that the tax might not actually become law. Me and my wife looked at eachother because we knew the gun store owner was lying to this lady and trying to take advantage of her.

Since only she and us where in the store we overheard it all.

Me and my wife looked back at her hoping she wouldn't fall for it. We couldn't believe the owner of the store was actually trying to take advantage of this lady. Really made me question if I should be doing business with a store who lies to its customers.

But I couldn't help but think what would have happened if my wife came into the store alone yesterday?? Would they try to scam her too? Probably Yes.

Reading their reviews on Google I see they have several complaints. Some claim KW Defense didnt deliver items on time or at all and anothers indicated discrimination due to gender, race, or sexual orientation.

The owner is ex military and I get that sometimes being in the service (owner is an ex marine) gives us a tough exterior and we might come off as a**holes sometimes but lying to this lady about the sin tax to make a sale is a completely a POS move.

They also had her waiting almost an hour. Poor lady could have gone somewhere else during that time than be made to wait for nothing.

I think our community needs to grow some sympathy for one another. After all we all are in this pro 2A fight together. Jmits not just wrong but unwise to marginalize or discriminate against people when we already have so much negativity against our sport/Hobby.

This woman probably came away from this a little less trusting of gun stores and that's a total shame. As for me and my wife, we are considering shopping elseware from now on. We don't want to shop at a store where the employees will attempt to rip my wife off just because I'm not there.

When things like this happen I just think to myself how this sorta crap is hurting our 2A community. Instead of inspiring trust we are inspiring the opposite.

If the tax is really not going to be informed then alright sounds like I was wrong. But if it is and it's known this store owner needs to educate himself more or should be put out of business... there's no room for scammers in this Hobby. And we shouldn't support those who try and scam 2A supporters.
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I'm not seeing how they were taking advantage of her, I feel like we are lacking critical information that would be needed to make a judgement.
If you want more exposure you should review them on Yelp. I travel for work all over the country and I use Yelp a lot, along with many other road warriors.

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