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Off Roster and selling to my wife


New member

I have a question for you all.

I have a compact dagger lower (frame only) that i purchased where I lived in Arizona. My wife has a G19 and while she likes it, she likes the feel and fit of the dagger lower much more than her g19. It is way more comfortable for her to shoot.

I would like to sell it to her and transfer it to her so that she can list it on her CCW. How should i go about this process? We just have an FFL do a PPT or is there something else i can/should do?

Thank you
To transfer a gun between spouses does not require an FFL (*); just filling out the "Report of Operation of Law or Intra-Familial Firearm Transaction" form and sending it to the DoJ. In the old days, that was done with a paper form and a $19 fee. I think today, you have to submit the form online in the CFARS application.

Once the DoJ processes the form (which could take a LONG time, many months), the gun should show up in the state databases as being your wife's property, which should allow her to add it to her CCW.

On the other hand: Doing a PPT to her may just be faster and less hassle. AFAIK, it is not illegal to PPT a gun to your spouse. Matter-of-fact, you can de-facto PPT a gun to yourself (by bringing it to a pawn shop and then releasing it back to yourself), which is a good way to update the gun's entry in the state database.

(*) Footnote: When I said above "does not require an FFL", that is if both spouses are in California. In the very unusual case that one spouse is a resident of another state, I don't know whether a FFL is required or not.
Thank you for your help. This was what i kind of thought as i did the Intra-Familial transfer for my gen4 g29 when i put it on my ccw

ill probably just do the ppt option as that is definitely faster lol

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